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Gene ID: GBP4
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Gene InfoAnnotation Info
Description:guanylate binding protein 4Swiss-Prot Source:GBP4_HUMAN
Chromosome:1NCBI mRNA Source:NM_052941
Gene length: 17105NCBI Protein Source:NP_443173
Exons: 11Gene Symbol: GBP4
Number of Transcript Variants 0
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Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed SIFT Score
DBSNP:rs17130745124K        ENCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs1831240378I        VNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs655260540Y        NNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs1142886541M        INCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs1142888544M        LNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs1142889544M        INCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs3180074545M        LNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs1142890545E        KNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs608339548L        MNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs561037550E        KNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs561042550E        GNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
Synonymous MutationsBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed
DBSNP:rs1410871307G        GNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs1142887542A        ANCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs3180073543A        ANCBIIn dbsnpNone
Intronic SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs1092258889424047 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1208376489424400 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2841299389425203 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1212901489425433 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1273202189425797 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1273221689425928 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs68310089426307 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1204242389427154 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1092258989427649 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1092259089428710 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs60713189428831 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs132433389429121 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs670390589429336 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs666797089429448 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1208470189430266 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1206963189430341 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2841743889430646 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1092259189430662 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1240457589430763 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1207701189432239 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs753267289432801 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs752113789432893 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs753750989432992 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs379554189433398 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs132433289433420 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs132433189433750 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs65044889433815 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs669589189434211 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs68278489434225 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs60533989435001 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs58552589436438 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs222487589436557 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs49347089436863 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
Untranslated mRNA SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs49516389420669 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs67490389422411 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs218186189422686 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs62313489423437 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
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