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Gene ID: GAS8
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Gene InfoAnnotation Info
Description:growth arrest-specific 8Swiss-Prot Source:GAS8_HUMAN
Chromosome:16NCBI mRNA Source:NM_001481
Gene length: 22372NCBI Protein Source:NP_001472
Exons: 11Gene Symbol: GAS8
Number of Transcript Variants 0
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Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed SIFT Score
DBSNP:rs750102351F        LNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.9
DBSNP:rs88492881R        QNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.55
DBSNP:rs868044198E        KNCBIIn dbsnp.None 1.00
DBSNP:rs17178299258R        QNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.4
Synonymous MutationsBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed
DBSNP:rs230251343R        RNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs868045198E        ENCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs7205066342D        DNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs3743825464T        TNCBIIn dbsnpNone
Intronic SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs87085688616963 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1259855688617406 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1244433488617528 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1107665888617591 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1292536188617804 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1292677888617976 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs974594088618048 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1015313488618599 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1291795488618927 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1291811988619008 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1293184388619015 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2858220788619035 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1291860788619330 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1291891388619480 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1107665988620647 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1292275788620924 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1244810588621081 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1244449888621083 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1292418188621131 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1244436888621146 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs374382988621469 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs374382888621669 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs374382788621695 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs374382688621714 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs462095588621997 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs453013788622001 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1292076788622070 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs719117588622777 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs378518488622984 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs378518388623061 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1292601288623503 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1292508788623567 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs805544288624758 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs460833588625044 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs86837188625479 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs86837288625495 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs443381088625966 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs462734888626116 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs382620288626129 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs435493888626328 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs432412988626561 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs378518288626848 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1008374688626857 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1008374788626936 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1008380288626978 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1043194888627071 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1293143288627878 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1293247388627889 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1244651688628857 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1008377588629062 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs224103788629327 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs478576688629884 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1696636988630535 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs446407888630587 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs749898588630617 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs437417388630746 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs224103688631519 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs175188632211 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1164842288632504 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1186199688632781 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs378518188632833 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs719837288633162 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs992808488633226 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs719928088633240 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs478576788634025 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs992209088634543 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs992217188634597 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs993362788634853 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2842304388634877 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1259884688635106 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2855110788635109 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs992677488635235 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs992677688635238 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1338073688635921 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs224103588636332 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs224103488636644 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs224103388636872 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs224103288637019 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
Untranslated mRNA SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs374382488637527 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs104814688637571 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs374382388637695 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs316937588637779 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs374382188637784 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs104814888637789 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs374381988637804 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs719000888637814 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs992256088637936 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs374381888638181 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs374381788638237 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs374381688638289 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs104814988638450 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs104815088638542 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs857788638779 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
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