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Gene ID: GAD1
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Gene InfoAnnotation Info
Description:glutamate decarboxylase 1 AD67Swiss-Prot Source:DCE1_HUMAN
Chromosome:2NCBI mRNA Source:NM_000817
Gene length: 44458NCBI Protein Source:NP_000808
Exons: 17Gene Symbol: GAD1
Number of Transcript Variants 1
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Mutation ListBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed SIFT Score
DBSNP:rs104973116A        PNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.18*
SWISS:VAR_018861228I        LSwiss-ProtNone0.31
DBSNP:rs17857148290H        RNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs17857149317K        ENCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs769403473V        GNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.2
DBSNP:rs769402531R        QNCBIIn dbsnp.None Not scored
DBSNP:rs10209273532R        QNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.41
DBSNP:rs1049736564F        LNCBIIn dbsnp.None 0.03
Synonymous MutationsBack to top
Source ID AA Position
WT -> MT
Sequence Phenotype Structure PubMed
DBSNP:rs1154231336H        HNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs1682318137H        HNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs1049733163S        SNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs1049734433Y        YNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs769401456R        RNCBIIn dbsnpNone
DBSNP:rs1049735484E        ENCBIIn dbsnpNone
Intronic SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs3762553171382343 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2270335171382941 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2270334171383626 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791877171384240 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791876171385013 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791875171385044 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791874171385468 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2241165171386624 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1548902171387128 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791873171387574 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791872171387760 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791871171387900 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs10179059171388164 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791870171388287 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791869171388325 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs13017665171388399 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13017667171388401 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13018052171388577 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791868171388806 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791867171388807 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791866171388832 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791865171388960 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1420385171390228 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2160415171390332 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs11896015171390431 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs12612498171390464 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791864171390584 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2160414171390591 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791863171390720 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3828275171390985 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs13000989171391044 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs10930441171391272 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs1477061171391352 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3828274171391913 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791862171392003 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs13035478171392628 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs6753612171392783 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13014595171392889 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs28514878171392917 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs12991140171392952 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13014614171392967 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2241164171394804 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs4668325171396633 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668326171396663 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs10191129171396838 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13385854171397338 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791861171397608 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791860171397666 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs11896169171397768 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791859171397881 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791858171397965 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791857171398095 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791856171398215 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2058725171398366 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs6433252171398709 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791855171398976 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791854171399069 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs4536622171399699 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11890409171399936 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11890416171399968 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11895404171399974 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668327171400102 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7602684171401240 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769390171401700 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769398171401706 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769389171401708 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769394171401712 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769411171401884 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769407171401953 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791853171403315 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3791852171403560 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs13014984171403664 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7561581171404717 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7576933171405025 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13028093171405358 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668328171405770 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4667661171405809 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs13033900171405950 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668329171406040 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668330171406286 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791851171406917 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3749033171407644 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs3749032171407651 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2302659171408604 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs16858977171410009 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs701492171410725 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs701491171410830 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs16858988171411205 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769405171412622 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769408171412641 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs12995992171412879 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2234727171414492 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668331171414492 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7595288171415778 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs6433253171415779 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3791850171416345 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs769391171417675 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769393171417766 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs4668332171419328 A       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs6716794171420428 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7594314171420810 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs11900444171420849 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769410171421928 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs17752543171422765 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs7578661171423378 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs2234728171423667 G       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs10439259171424365 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
Untranslated mRNA SNPsBack to top
Source ID Nucleotide
WT -> MT Sequence Phenotype Strand PubMed  
DBSNP:rs3749034171381720 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs1049730171381740 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs3762553171382343 C       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs2270335171382941 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs769406171424704 A       GNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs769409171424877 A       CNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
DBSNP:rs954947171424993 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs769395171425048 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp reverse  
DBSNP:rs769399171425645 C       TNCBIIn dbsnp forward  
Transcript VariantsBack to top
MutDB Link Refseq mRNA NCBI Protein Description
NM_013445NM_013445NP_038473glutamate decarboxylase 1 isoform GAD25
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